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GOLETA, California, U.S.A.,October 24, 2010

Bardex Corporation, based in Goleta, California, is very pleased to announce a new Mooring System order for Chevron's Semi-Submersible production unit to be moored in approximately 7,000 ft of water in the Walker Ridge area of the Gulf of Mexico to develop the adjacent Jack and St. Malo oil reservoirs.

Bardex will supply sixteen (16) Chain Jacks designed to pull-in the 165 mm R4S studless mooring chain up to a stall load of 8,000 kN and integral chain stoppers to support the full MBL of the chain of 25,500 kN.  The Chain Jacks will be fully instrumented and can be operated either manually by pendent control or by a fully automated PLC-controlled system.  Sixteen (16) turndown sheaves will handle the slack chain exiting each Chain Jack and redirect it to the chain lockers.  The Chain Jacks will be powered by a Bardex designed Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) comprising four (4) 350 hp electric motor/pump assembles and 1,000 gallon reservoir with a air cooled heat exchanger.

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