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GOLETA, California, U.S.A., December 21, 2009
Prirazlomnaya platform graphic

Bardex Corporation is pleased to announce that following successful Factory Acceptance Tests, attended and approved by a delegation of Russian specialists representing the customer JSC PO Sevmash and end user LLC Gazprom Neft Shelf, Bardex has shipped the rig skidding system for the offshore ice-resistant platform "Prirazlomnaya" destined for installation in the Pechora Sea, part of the eastern Barents Sea within the Arctic Circle.

The skidding system comprises two 550 te gripper jacks for the skidding lower set supporting frame, two 280 te gripper jacks for skidding the upper set derrick base and a 60 kW hydraulic power unit with integrated HPU and skidding controls. The gripper jacks are designed to function in the -40 degrees C extreme cold of the Russian winter. The complete package including start-up/commissioning and operating spare parts has met Gost-R and other regulatory Russian requirements for which a Certificate of Conformity has been issued.

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